Lofoten Fish Company ~ Wild Alaskan Salmon

Lofoten Fish Company is now owned and operated by Troller Point Fisheries.

Founded by George P. Meintel and Cynthia Wallesz in 1999, Lofoten Fish Company of Petersburg, Alaska, is still a family business now independently-owned and operated by Mark & Dianna Hofmann of Troller Point Fisheries. Mark and Dianna, along with their children Kyle and April, fish for and sell high quality, frozen-at-sea products.

The Hofmann family and Troller Point Fisheries is proud to bring you seafood that is among the finest in the world using environmentally safe fishing methods. We catch the world’s finest king and coho salmon along with halibut and black cod in the pure ice-cold waters of southeast Alaska. Our method of harvest, care in cleaning, pressure bleeding and quick freezing within the hour of landing are unequaled. This process cannot be matched by any net fishery or farm/pen raised seafood. We then ship this high-quality, wild caught seafood directly to you.

We fish following the guidelines established for protection against over fishing, habitat damage, and pollution. The successful management practices we follow in Alaska are considered a model for managing sustainable seafood for the entire world. Wild Alaskan salmon and seafood live in pure waters, in a balanced, natural ecosystem and are thus a better seafood choice for your health and the environment.

Wild Alaskan Salmon, Halibut and Black Cod shipped directly to you.

To order, contact Us at :
(907) 344-1866 or Email us


As they move on to new endeavors, George and Cynthia want to
THANK YOU from the bottom of their hearts for your loyal patronage.